Multiple vandal attacks said to be in support of jailed anarchists

Hooded Protesters claiming to be acting against the “establishment” staged multiple attacks on various targets in Athens and Thessaloniki on Thursday.

In one such incident, unidentified assailants hurled paint at a lecturer in the University of Piraeus and scattered flyers around the auditorium, later claiming in a post on an anti-establishment website that the action was in protest at the “persecution of anarchists as lone terrorists.”

In another incident on Thursday, vandals smashed windows at two banks on central Athens’s Kaningos Square, apparently in response to a police operation earlier in the week to clear out three anarchist squats in the central Athens area. Continue reading

‘If Afrin Falls…It Will Have Been Too Late’ – Call for a Campaign of Militant Direct Action across Europe


Received on 09.03.18:

For more than 6 weeks we have had to watch the Turkish state attack and occupy, together with Islamist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaida, Afrin, the most western canton of Rojava. In this extermination campaign, the invaders are neither deterred by the deliberate bombardment of civilians nor by the use of chemical weapons. The Islamist mercenaries and fascist Turkish soldiers leave a trail of devastation, plunder, rape and murder, they practice an ethnic cleansing of the territory of Kurds. So far, more than 300 civilians and many militants have given their lives, dozens of villages have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people have had to leave their homes. Continue reading

How to deal with the police on the mass protests!

This manual is based on the teaching materials for the personnel of the police department of the Russian Federation to stop mass riots. Experience massive protests showed how the masses by means of self-organization can give a fitting rebuff to law enforcement authorities in the event of military crackdown on protesters. To a similar scenario, it makes sense to be prepared in advance to provide the most effective resistance. This material will not only help groups are preparing for mass protests (for example, against the election), but also allows a better understanding of the enemy’s actions. Continue reading

[Germany] Repression in connection with the resistance against the G20 summit in Hamburg

Summary for our internationalist comrades G20-Repression Prisoners * Conditions in the prison * Trials * Video- and Photo publications * House raids

 The G20 summit and the euphoric days in the streets of the Schanzenviertel were shaped by the massive anger and motivation to attack, which we did not expect since Heiligendamm and Frankfurt.

The wave of repression that followed afterwards, and actually had already started before the summit with the implementation of the new §114ff and preventive policing, reached its climax with the publication of dozens of mug shots, by the special commission „Soko Schwarzer Block“ on December 18th, 2017.

The wave of repression, remained rather unnoticed from comrades in others countries who fought with us on the streets and euphorically followed the riots in the media. They told us, that they did not receive any information on the prisoners, the condemned and the persecution mania by the state. Continue reading

Direct Action – Affinity Groups

affinity əˈfɪnɪti/ noun
  1. a natural liking for and understanding of someone or something.
    “he had a special affinity with horses”
    synonyms: empathyrapportsympathyaccordharmony, like-mindedness;

Affinity groups:- Built on Trust

An affinity group is a group formed around a shared interest or common goal, to which individuals formally or informally belong. Examples of affinity groups include private social clubs, fraternities, writing or reading circles, hobby clubs, and groups engaged in political activism.
Some affinity groups are organized in a non-hierarchical manner, often using consensus decision making, and are frequently made up of trusted friends. They provide a method of organization that is flexible and decentralized. Other affinity groups may have a hierarchy to provide management of the group’s long-term interests, or if the group is large enough to require the delegation of responsibilities to other members or staff.
Affinity groups can be based on a common ideology (e.g., anarchism, pacifism), a shared concern for a given issue (e.g., anti-nuclear, anti-war) or a common activity, role, interest or skill (e.g., legal support, medical aid, black blocs). Affinity groups may have either open or closed membership, although the latter is far more common.

Continue reading

2017: New Year’s Revolutions!

” A late Happy New Year and some thoughts for the year 2018! “

A compilation of some of the anarchist & anti-capitalist riots in 2017!


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Athens: Urgent counter-info report concerning 16 year old comrade K.B (Greece)

On September 16th, the day of anti-fascist protests in Keratsini and Athens, for the 4 years since the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by neonazis of the Golden Dawn, 16 year old K.B. is arrested in Exarchia. During his arrest and transportation to GADA (central police hq of Athens), K.B. is beaten and tortured by riot cops resulting in his severe injury.

Although this incident is publicized on social networks and counter-information websites, on the same day false information is leaked concerning the health of K.B. as well as the conditions of his care in the intensive care unit of KAT hospital. Continue reading

Emergence of The Black Bloc & The Movement Towards Anarchism


March, 2001, The Peoples’ Republic of Vermont– Since the Battle of Seattle, the North American left, and specifically the smaller yet growing revolutionary anarchist movement, has been invigorated at least as much as it has become a common reality in the consciousness of the public. This has not occurred in a vacuum. Nor has this happened due to a simple, quantifiable reason. The reasons are as much diverse and subjective as they are objective and empirical.

One facet of this movement (specifically of the revolutionary anarchist movement) is encapsulated and advanced by the militant actions of a group commonly referred to as the Black Bloc. This informal grouping has acted as a necessary radical action wing of the larger social protest movement. Where liberal inclinations have threatened to stifle large demonstrations under a blanket of acceptability, predictability and boredom, this contingent—numbering anywhere from less than 100 to over 1000 in a typical Bloc—has forced a creative unleashing of popular insurrectionary sentiment.

The following essay is primarily concerned with the Black Bloc. However, in order to more accurately discuss this faction, it will be necessary to paint a picture of the larger contemporary framework within and against which it operates. Towards this end this work will be divided into three sections. The first will deal directly with the Black Bloc; its historical roots, as well as the tactics it commonly employs. The second section will discuss the social, political, psychological and economic macrocosm in which the present movement is situated. The final section will discuss the smaller social context in which the revolutionary anarchist movement as well as the Black Bloc directly exists. Continue reading