Besançon: A blade under the jacket and belly rage …

“I wandered in the small streets, in search of big salesmen who every day make money on the backs of prisoners …”

This little air of popular song, I hummed it on my return from the ride, glad of the sabotage accomplished by a few wheels of confinement. A multitude of companies finance, design and build the structures of repression, whether they are prisons or detention centers, or new premises of the Ministry of the Interior.

In the early morning of February 22, a few company vehicles remained immobilized, after being put out of the tires. Among them, there was: Continue reading

Italy: Locks Glued at Benetton Shops

received anonymously:

“Claim of responsibility for sabotage of two Benetton shops

We are enemies of power and domination. We want the end of every form of exploitation. We aim for the absolute destruction of authority and of the capitalist system. The symbols and the consequences of capitalism and exploitation are everywhere. So we just had to take a clear decision, choosing to take the side of those who are oppressed and attacking the system and its accomplices: direct action for self-determination and total liberation! It doesn’t matter how small is the action compared with the giant monsters we are fighting: it’s action and not just promises at election time, it is the proof of the fact that the fight isn’t over. Continue reading

What is permaculture?

Exploring the principles

Permaculture is a creative design process based on whole-systems thinking informed by ethics and design principles that feature on this site.

This approach guides us to mimic the patterns and relationships we can find in nature and can be applied to all aspects of human habitation, from agriculture to ecological building, from appropriate technology to education and even economics.

By adopting the ethics and applying these principles in our daily life we can make the transition from being dependent consumers to becoming responsible producers. This journey builds skills and resilience at home and in our local communities that will help us prepare for an uncertain future with less available energy.

The techniques and strategies used to apply these principles vary widely depending on the location, climatic conditions and resources that are available. The methods may differ, but the foundations to this wholistic approach remain constant. By learning these principles you can acquire valuable thinking tools that help you become more resilient in an era of change. Continue reading

Hamilton ON: Work Stoppage on Enbridge Line 10

With the rise of Donald Trump’s malignant right wing troll army and the extension of Toronto’s tentacles into every cavern of our cities, the anti-pipeline movement in Southern Ontario has been spread a little thin this year. We’ve pulled off a couple work-stoppages, some night-time sabotage, and made our best effort at storming the closed-door meetings of the NEB, but on the whole we’ve lacked a coordinated strategy. But we felt it appropriate that on the eve of 2017 and at the tail end of Enbridge’s Line 10 pipeline expansion plan, we deliver one more message to the shareholders, architects and cheerleaders of this cross-continent calamity. Continue reading