Demonstration Against the Police in Maniwaki

As part of the week against police brutality, the Outaouais region mobilized like every year to create a series of events denouncing the violence of the Gatineau police and the SQ. This year, community organizations from the region and activists also decided to rent a bus to go to Maniwaki in support of two families that have faced the violence of SQ officers. In 2015, Brandon Maurice was killed, shot by an SQ cop, and in 2018, a friend of the Maurice family, Steven Bertrand, was shot in the dead by a courthouse guard who refused to let him leave to smoke a cigarette.

We chose to say loud and clear that the police is nothing but an instrument of the state that abuses its power, all while protecting the rich and fascists Continue reading

Arrested Penza Antifascists Talk about Torture in Remand Prison

“He Would Check My Pulse by Touching My Neck and Monitor My Condition.” Arrested Penza Antifascists Talk about Electric Shock Torture in Remand Prison Basement. 

Ilya Shakursky and Dmitry Pchelintsev, arrested in  and charged with involvement in a “terrorist community,” have told their attorneys that Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers tortured them in the basement of the city’s remand prison. Mediazona has decided to publish the story told by Shakursky’s defense counsel and the transcript of what Pchelintsev relayed to his lawyer.

Continue reading

Neuss: Raid in Mezopotamien publisher will continue tomorrow!

The police searched the premises of the publishing Mezopotamien in Neuss.

After the visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in Berlin repression continues against Kurdish institutions in the Federal Republic. Currently a police raid will take place in publishing Mezopotamien in Neuss. Since the search is still ongoing, are so far no further information.

The publisher Mezopotamien are books out to the Kurdish liberation movement. In the German edition among others, the biography of the murdered in 2013 by the Turkish secret MIT in Paris revolutionary Sakine Cansız appeared. Continue reading

How to deal with the police on the mass protests!

This manual is based on the teaching materials for the personnel of the police department of the Russian Federation to stop mass riots. Experience massive protests showed how the masses by means of self-organization can give a fitting rebuff to law enforcement authorities in the event of military crackdown on protesters. To a similar scenario, it makes sense to be prepared in advance to provide the most effective resistance. This material will not only help groups are preparing for mass protests (for example, against the election), but also allows a better understanding of the enemy’s actions. Continue reading

Portes-les-Valence (Drôme): Barbecue at the the municipal police station

On Friday evening, shortly before 22:30, a curtain of the police station of Portes-lès-Valence was forced and a Molotov cocktail was thrown inside the building.

“The fire and smoke destroyed the site commissioned 2 years ago,” says the mayor of the town Genevieve Girard.

“It’s lamentable, unspeakable.” Security guards will guard the site tonight and port firefighters will conduct surveillance. An investigation is conducted by the national police. Continue reading

Compiegne: Police Vehicle Devastated by Flames

A truck of the municipal police of Compiegne was devastated by the flames, Sunday morning, around 7 o’clock, on a parking lot of the place of the White Cross. The vehicle, ‘old’, was used especially for the transport of animals [to the pound]. A cage was also inside at the time of the incident.

On Sunday morning, the vehicle’s carcass was quickly moved and two city technical services officers went to clean up the site. Eric Verrier, the deputy safety of the imperial city moved early in the morning to see the disaster. Around 11 am, a strong smell of gasoline was still felt on the parking lot, surrounded by housing.

An investigation was opened by the police station of Compiegne to try to determine the origin of the disaster. If the criminal track is not excluded at this stage, no arrest had occurred Sunday evening. Continue reading

[Germany] Repression in connection with the resistance against the G20 summit in Hamburg

Summary for our internationalist comrades G20-Repression Prisoners * Conditions in the prison * Trials * Video- and Photo publications * House raids

 The G20 summit and the euphoric days in the streets of the Schanzenviertel were shaped by the massive anger and motivation to attack, which we did not expect since Heiligendamm and Frankfurt.

The wave of repression that followed afterwards, and actually had already started before the summit with the implementation of the new §114ff and preventive policing, reached its climax with the publication of dozens of mug shots, by the special commission „Soko Schwarzer Block“ on December 18th, 2017.

The wave of repression, remained rather unnoticed from comrades in others countries who fought with us on the streets and euphorically followed the riots in the media. They told us, that they did not receive any information on the prisoners, the condemned and the persecution mania by the state. Continue reading

UK , London: ‘Tranarchism’ on Trial; Free the she-Wolf!

The British state stepped up its campaign against a trans anti-fascist
squatter last week, charging her with battery, in connection to an
alleged bust-up at a political gathering last year. Following the
alleged incident she was tracked down, arrested by snatch-squad and
subjected to two rounds of questioning.

A plea hearing will take place on 15th February, 10am, Westminster
Magistrates Court. Continue reading

Anarchic News: Leaving Facebook due to the FEDS!

Anarchic News is no longer sharing on Facebook due to exterior pressure from what can only be described as government agencies. Around the time of the Hamburg Demonstrations last year strange activity happen on many of the pages admin accounts, people lost full privileges and there were several log in attempts from the Ukraine.

Following a group contacting the page from Europe there was allegedly a number of arrests at a squat close to their activity.. On several events that our reporters have attended since this incident they have been followed and observed by what can only be described as USA Military types by their appearance and demeanor. There is photographic evidence but we will be keeping this to ourselves whilst we make further investigations. Continue reading

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