BREAKING THE WAVES: Challenging the Liberal Tendencies within Anarchist Feminism

breaking the waves pamphletThe following article by two members of Black Rose/Rosa Negra appears in the recent issue of Perspectives on Anarchist Theory that we are republishing with thanks to the Institute For Anarchist Studies. You can support their work by purchasing your own copy of the journal, which includes many other articles around the theme of anarchist-feminisms, from AK Press. We also recommend this resource page where you can download this article as a pamphlet and listen to a radio interview with one of the authors.  Translation now available in Japanese.

By Romina Akemi and Bree Busk

The Black Rose Anarchist Federation sent a delegation to participate in AFem2014, an international anarchist feminist conference developed by a committee of anarchists organizing in the UK. The goals of AFem2014 were to challenge sexism and other forms of oppression within the anarchist movement and to create a “safer space” to start conversations around individual and collective experiences that could be translated into organizing work. The conference committee hoped that the energy generated by this event would reinvigorate anarchist feminism as a whole, and would be reproduced as an ongoing series of conferences with a global impact. When viewed from this perspective, AFem2014 was an important political development that highlights the growth of anarchism and the need to advance the theory and practice of feminism within it. However, the Black Rose delegation left AFem2014 with more questions than answers, the foremost being, “What is anarchist feminism?”

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Feminist Reading and Source Material

March 8, International Women’s Day, is a day of struggle across the world for gender and sexual equality. Below we include a range of resources from a working class feminist and libertarian socialist perspective. These include writings, downloadable pamphlets, audio interviews and recommended articles.  — “Quando la mujer se alza, el pueblo avanza / When women rise, the people advance” Continue reading

UK , London: ‘Tranarchism’ on Trial; Free the she-Wolf!

The British state stepped up its campaign against a trans anti-fascist
squatter last week, charging her with battery, in connection to an
alleged bust-up at a political gathering last year. Following the
alleged incident she was tracked down, arrested by snatch-squad and
subjected to two rounds of questioning.

A plea hearing will take place on 15th February, 10am, Westminster
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Towards Insurrectionary Transfeminism


Notes on Gender

This essay deals with the discursive and material histories of people I refer to as “transwomen,” which I broadly define as anyone not assigned-female at birth who experiences their bodies as female, lives their gender in a way that could be taken as female, and/or identifies as woman/trans-female-spectrum/transfeminism. I rather begrudgingly use this term with a degree of hesitance as it certainly erases the complexities of my gender experience, but I aim to broadly relate to those who have been coercively assigned a gender category other than Woman but who still inherit much of the legacy of such a category. Continue reading