Vienna: Angry spontaneous demonstration for Efrin as a contribution for the International Solidarity Day on 24th of March

Around 100 people gathered in Vienna on 10 pm to have a 30 minutes long spontaneous, angry and wild demonstration on the international solidarity day for Efrin. The demonstration was an expression of the rage and anger against the occupation of Efrin by NATO, the Turkish army, IS-fascists and other allies. The front banner said `Fight4Afrin`. Loud slogans were chanted through the streets, like `Biji Berxwedane Efrine`(Long live the Resistance of Efrin`, `Ueberall Efrin, Ueberall Widerstand` (Everywhere Efrin, Everywhere Resistance), `Solidaritaet heisst Widerstand, Kampf dem Faschismus in jedem Land` (Solidarity means resistance,  fighting against fascism in each country) or `Alerta, Alerta Antifascista`. There was a lot of different pyrotechnic material used. Continue reading

Neuss: Raid in Mezopotamien publisher will continue tomorrow!

The police searched the premises of the publishing Mezopotamien in Neuss.

After the visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in Berlin repression continues against Kurdish institutions in the Federal Republic. Currently a police raid will take place in publishing Mezopotamien in Neuss. Since the search is still ongoing, are so far no further information.

The publisher Mezopotamien are books out to the Kurdish liberation movement. In the German edition among others, the biography of the murdered in 2013 by the Turkish secret MIT in Paris revolutionary Sakine Cansız appeared. Continue reading

Tacoma, WA: Over 100 People Detained in ICE Custody Begin Hunger Strike

Over 100 People Detained in ICE Custody Begin Hunger Strike and Work Stoppage Inside the Northwest Detention Center. Migrants detained begin hunger strike, demand better conditions, lower bonds and end of indefinite detention

Tacoma, WA – At least 120 detained migrants in four units at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) have begun a hunger strike to protest the abuses they face inside the facility, which is owned and operated by GEO Group, a private prison company, for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The strike comes at the heels of a work stoppage on Wednesday February 7th by detained people who work in the kitchen and just days after NWDC Resistance held a People’s Tribunal in front of the NWDC. Continue reading

Urgency is a pain to shit!!

This text was broadcast during a demonstration in Ouistreham on Saturday, January 20th.
For several years, more and more migrants and migrants are on the street side of Caen. Some seek asylum, most try to reach England by the port of Ouistreham. At the moment, at least seven squats are open, and about 200 Sudanese are shuttling between Caen and Ouistreham, where they are harassed by the cops, sleeping outside in a wood in which each small shelter is systematically destroyed. We are many to have participated in the AG against all expulsions, which opened many squats hosting since 2013, before leaving it due to differences (more and more managerial dimension). Today, it is also its logic of composition with the left that we criticize, including with parties that have participated in massive border renewal governments such as EELV.

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