June 11, 2018: A Day Against Oblivion

June 11th is an international day of solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners. A spark in the eternal night of state repression. A day set aside for honoring those who have been stolen from us. On this day, we share in songs, events, and actions to celebrate our captured comrades and loved ones. In years past, June 11th celebrations have been international and wide-ranging – from potlucks with friends to various inspiring attacks; fundraising benefits and prisoner letter writing nights to all of the untold and unknown ways we keep the flame alive. Continue reading

Rebibbia prison — Rome [Italy]: “Right you are… if you think you are” — Text by anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino (01/2018)

Reflections and updates on a trial
There’s not much to be said about an episode of repression, after all it’s the simple cyclical occurrence of action and reaction – or even on how repression plays dirty – another well-known fact. At most these are just a few notes on the development of techniques and strategies.
This I’ll try to do. More than a year after the arrests, with the trial already underway, a crack has opened in the censuring bell jar and the court papers been disclosed in all their misery after the short report on the last issue of “Croce Nera” and the latest developments on the closure of investigations and the preliminary hearing.

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APC Moscow: Support anarchist political prisoner Eugene Karakasheva

We urge to show solidarity and support of the Crimean anarchist Eugene Karakasheva. He began raising funds for the work of a lawyer and pay for transmission and parcels.

Karakashev Evgeny was born 21 on August 1978 year. A resident of Yevpatoria. Leftist activist, sticking with anarchist beliefs. February 1, 2018 arrested, and February 2, 2018 arrested on suspicion of committing crimes under Part 1 of Art. 282 (hate speech and hate) and Part 2 of Art. 205.2 (public incitement to terrorism) of the Criminal Code. Custody to February 2, 2018. Continue reading

Multiple vandal attacks said to be in support of jailed anarchists

Hooded Protesters claiming to be acting against the “establishment” staged multiple attacks on various targets in Athens and Thessaloniki on Thursday.

In one such incident, unidentified assailants hurled paint at a lecturer in the University of Piraeus and scattered flyers around the auditorium, later claiming in a post on an anti-establishment website that the action was in protest at the “persecution of anarchists as lone terrorists.”

In another incident on Thursday, vandals smashed windows at two banks on central Athens’s Kaningos Square, apparently in response to a police operation earlier in the week to clear out three anarchist squats in the central Athens area. Continue reading

Arrested Penza Antifascists Talk about Torture in Remand Prison

“He Would Check My Pulse by Touching My Neck and Monitor My Condition.” Arrested Penza Antifascists Talk about Electric Shock Torture in Remand Prison Basement. 

Ilya Shakursky and Dmitry Pchelintsev, arrested in  and charged with involvement in a “terrorist community,” have told their attorneys that Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers tortured them in the basement of the city’s remand prison. Mediazona has decided to publish the story told by Shakursky’s defense counsel and the transcript of what Pchelintsev relayed to his lawyer.

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Tacoma, WA: Over 100 People Detained in ICE Custody Begin Hunger Strike

Over 100 People Detained in ICE Custody Begin Hunger Strike and Work Stoppage Inside the Northwest Detention Center. Migrants detained begin hunger strike, demand better conditions, lower bonds and end of indefinite detention

Tacoma, WA – At least 120 detained migrants in four units at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) have begun a hunger strike to protest the abuses they face inside the facility, which is owned and operated by GEO Group, a private prison company, for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The strike comes at the heels of a work stoppage on Wednesday February 7th by detained people who work in the kitchen and just days after NWDC Resistance held a People’s Tribunal in front of the NWDC. Continue reading


As events as such write the modern world history, all revolutionary movements need to process the information available, discuss and come to conclusions and eventually choose sides and fight without failing to take the context of this historical reality into account.
The text on hand does not set out to provide an exhaustive historical narrative. Yet, it does set out to open a discussion that will look into all the critical issues raised. Also, our aim is to turn our ideas into action, thus we choose to go against the widespread inertia that surrounds the subject matter.
A historical period as such requires much more than a mere theoretical analysis. As the hotbed of war keeps spreading and is now reaching Europe, it is urgent that we create an anti-war movement which will fight for and demand an end to the international military interventions, put forward ideas on horizontal self-organization, empower the oppressed and ultimately stand up against the rise of totalitarianism.
We know well that we can achieve nothing and nothing will be spared for us unless we fight at all levels and to all directions in order to intensify and expand our horizontal, grass-roots self- organization.

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[Germany] Repression in connection with the resistance against the G20 summit in Hamburg

Summary for our internationalist comrades G20-Repression Prisoners * Conditions in the prison * Trials * Video- and Photo publications * House raids

 The G20 summit and the euphoric days in the streets of the Schanzenviertel were shaped by the massive anger and motivation to attack, which we did not expect since Heiligendamm and Frankfurt.

The wave of repression that followed afterwards, and actually had already started before the summit with the implementation of the new §114ff and preventive policing, reached its climax with the publication of dozens of mug shots, by the special commission „Soko Schwarzer Block“ on December 18th, 2017.

The wave of repression, remained rather unnoticed from comrades in others countries who fought with us on the streets and euphorically followed the riots in the media. They told us, that they did not receive any information on the prisoners, the condemned and the persecution mania by the state. Continue reading

UK , London: ‘Tranarchism’ on Trial; Free the she-Wolf!

The British state stepped up its campaign against a trans anti-fascist
squatter last week, charging her with battery, in connection to an
alleged bust-up at a political gathering last year. Following the
alleged incident she was tracked down, arrested by snatch-squad and
subjected to two rounds of questioning.

A plea hearing will take place on 15th February, 10am, Westminster
Magistrates Court. Continue reading

[FRANCE] : About the 2nd trial of the “Expelling Machine” case!

7 comrades and companions will be judged on January 31 at the TGI of Paris at the 16th chamber of the criminal court.
Solidarity with the accused in the fight against the machine to expel.

In 2010, two waves of searches and multiple procedures related to numerous attacks (incendiary or not), alternately joined, disjointed, and associated in the framework of a sprawling instruction, come to repress the offensive phase of fight against the machine to lock up and expel the undocumented which increased in intensity following the fire of the detention center of Vincennes by the detainees themselves on June 22, 2008. After the abandonment of the heavier charges, and years of incoherent and manifestly justified procedures to justify surveillance, judicial controls and preventive imprisonment, ten comrades and companions find themselves summoned to justice. A first trial involving four people, three of whom had been imprisoned in 2011, took place in June 2017. One of them was acquitted, the other three took 4 months suspended, and 500 euros of fine for degradation in meetings (tags) and refusal of DNA. One of them appealed this decision, so it will be retried soon. Continue reading