Canada , Hamilton ON: The Tower Anarchist Social Centre’s Statement on Recent Events

From The Tower, Hamilton’s Anarchist Social Centre, after their windows were smashed Sunday night and then their door kicked in Tuesday night

We’ve held off on making any public statements so far because it’s really not our desire to have conversations on the internet, such a toxic and alienating place. But having had our space attacked twice in the last couple of days, we feel like it’s important to share a few reflections and be clear about where we stand.

First, no, the actions on Locke and Aberdeen on Saturday night were not organized by the Tower, but yes, we support what happened and are in solidarity with those who carried them out. Class war is happening every day in this city, with constant attacks on poor and working people. It’s disappointing that so many only care about the occasional moment when a bit of anger flows back the other way. The ongoing effects of gentrification in this city are heartbreaking – waves of displacement, growing violence, and intensifying poverty. You cannot expect for all of this to just be swept under the proverbial rug. We have zero tears to shed for Locke st. Continue reading

‘If Afrin Falls…It Will Have Been Too Late’ – Call for a Campaign of Militant Direct Action across Europe


Received on 09.03.18:

For more than 6 weeks we have had to watch the Turkish state attack and occupy, together with Islamist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaida, Afrin, the most western canton of Rojava. In this extermination campaign, the invaders are neither deterred by the deliberate bombardment of civilians nor by the use of chemical weapons. The Islamist mercenaries and fascist Turkish soldiers leave a trail of devastation, plunder, rape and murder, they practice an ethnic cleansing of the territory of Kurds. So far, more than 300 civilians and many militants have given their lives, dozens of villages have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people have had to leave their homes. Continue reading

Arrested Penza Antifascists Talk about Torture in Remand Prison

“He Would Check My Pulse by Touching My Neck and Monitor My Condition.” Arrested Penza Antifascists Talk about Electric Shock Torture in Remand Prison Basement. 

Ilya Shakursky and Dmitry Pchelintsev, arrested in  and charged with involvement in a “terrorist community,” have told their attorneys that Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers tortured them in the basement of the city’s remand prison. Mediazona has decided to publish the story told by Shakursky’s defense counsel and the transcript of what Pchelintsev relayed to his lawyer.

Continue reading

Feminist Reading and Source Material

March 8, International Women’s Day, is a day of struggle across the world for gender and sexual equality. Below we include a range of resources from a working class feminist and libertarian socialist perspective. These include writings, downloadable pamphlets, audio interviews and recommended articles.  — “Quando la mujer se alza, el pueblo avanza / When women rise, the people advance” Continue reading

Neuss: Raid in Mezopotamien publisher will continue tomorrow!

The police searched the premises of the publishing Mezopotamien in Neuss.

After the visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in Berlin repression continues against Kurdish institutions in the Federal Republic. Currently a police raid will take place in publishing Mezopotamien in Neuss. Since the search is still ongoing, are so far no further information.

The publisher Mezopotamien are books out to the Kurdish liberation movement. In the German edition among others, the biography of the murdered in 2013 by the Turkish secret MIT in Paris revolutionary Sakine Cansız appeared. Continue reading

Anarchist Zines & Pamphlets Published in February 2018

The following zines and pamphlets were published across the broad anarchist space over the past month. There are a variety of different issues discussed and perspectives articulated, some of which come into conflict with each other. It’s our opinion that anarchy is strongest when different ideas clash rather than promoting a false unity or theoretical hegemony.

As always, we welcome suggestions for next month’s round-up. Contact us with suggestions. Previous monthly round-ups can be found here. Continue reading

How to deal with the police on the mass protests!

This manual is based on the teaching materials for the personnel of the police department of the Russian Federation to stop mass riots. Experience massive protests showed how the masses by means of self-organization can give a fitting rebuff to law enforcement authorities in the event of military crackdown on protesters. To a similar scenario, it makes sense to be prepared in advance to provide the most effective resistance. This material will not only help groups are preparing for mass protests (for example, against the election), but also allows a better understanding of the enemy’s actions. Continue reading

Besançon: A blade under the jacket and belly rage …

“I wandered in the small streets, in search of big salesmen who every day make money on the backs of prisoners …”

This little air of popular song, I hummed it on my return from the ride, glad of the sabotage accomplished by a few wheels of confinement. A multitude of companies finance, design and build the structures of repression, whether they are prisons or detention centers, or new premises of the Ministry of the Interior.

In the early morning of February 22, a few company vehicles remained immobilized, after being put out of the tires. Among them, there was: Continue reading

Italy: Locks Glued at Benetton Shops

received anonymously:

“Claim of responsibility for sabotage of two Benetton shops

We are enemies of power and domination. We want the end of every form of exploitation. We aim for the absolute destruction of authority and of the capitalist system. The symbols and the consequences of capitalism and exploitation are everywhere. So we just had to take a clear decision, choosing to take the side of those who are oppressed and attacking the system and its accomplices: direct action for self-determination and total liberation! It doesn’t matter how small is the action compared with the giant monsters we are fighting: it’s action and not just promises at election time, it is the proof of the fact that the fight isn’t over. Continue reading